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    Completion of 50,000 Japanese whole genome sequence analysis and release of whole genome reference panel of 38,000 Japanese individuals (38KJPN)
    Research: 2022/07/19
    ToMMo has completed whole genome sequence analysis for 50,000 who participated in TMM cohort studies. This is […]
    Launch of Joint Research to Collect a Year’s Worth of Lifestyle Data Through Wearable Tracking Device. Objective tracking data combined with cohort data to drive medicine of the future.
    Research: 2022/05/23
    Key points of the announcement • Tohoku University Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization, Daiichi Sankyo Compan […]
    The article about construction of integrated database dbTMM has been published in Human Genome Variation
    Research: 2022/01/17
    The article of the integrated database dbTMM for the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project has been published in Hum […]
    Study Reveals Nrf2 Critical Role in Regulating our Metabolism in Space [Press Release]
    Research: 2022/01/12
    Astronauts spend an average of six-months aboard the International Space Station. During that time, their bodi […]
    The article about meta-GWAS across various ancestry groups in which ToMMo participated was published on Nature
    Research: 2022/01/05
    A new article, entitled "The power of genetic diversity in genome-wide association studies of lipids" was publ […]
    Genome information for 14,000 people is now available -jMorp 2021 major update-
    Research: 2021/12/27
    We updated a database, the Japanese Multi Omics Reference Panel (jMorp), which provides information on the hum […]
    Spouses Really Are Together in Sickness and in Health Suggests New Study [Press Release]
    Research: 2021/09/22
    A couple’s health is surprisingly intertwined according to a recent cohort study that looked at Dutch and Japa […]
    Toshiba, ToMMo, Tohoku University Hospital, and NICT Demonstrate the Use of Quantum Cryptography Communication and Secret Sharing Technologies for Distributed Storage of Genome Analysis Data
    Research: 2021/08/26
    -Contributing to safe data management in the fields of genomic research and medicine- Toshiba Corporation, Toh […]
    The article about the design and pilot study for return of genomic results in TMM cohort study was published
    Research: 2021/07/27
    The article about the design and pilot study for return of genomic results in Tohoku Medical Megabank (TMM) Pr […]
    Allele frequency data of the 8.3KJPN has been released from dbSNP
    Research: 2021/06/29
    Allele frequency data of the Japanese whole genome reference panel 8.3KJPN, constructed by Tohoku Medical Mega […]