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    Near Telomere-to-telomere Japanese Reference Genome Sequence and Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmic Variants Panel Are Released on jMorp
    Research: 2024/07/08
    The Japanese Reference Genome Sequence (JG3), the first Japanese near telomere-to-telomere (T2T) assembly, has […]
    The Whole Genome Sequence of 100,000 Japanese General Population Has Completed -Largest in Asian Population, One of the World's Leading-
    Research: 2024/06/20
    The Tohoku University Tohoku Medical Megabank (TMM) Project has completed data acquisition for whole-genome an […]
    Researchers Investigate the Dietary Impacts of Dairy within the Japanese Population [Press Release]
    Research: 2024/04/18
    A recent study by Tohoku University researchers has shed light on the association between dairy product consum […]
    Identified Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) in Breast Milk as an Important Nutritional Ingredient for Child Neurodevelopment Study Published in the International Journal Nutrients
    Research: 2024/01/29
    Joint research with ToMMo and Meiji Co., Ltd. has resulted in identifying the concentration of nicotinamide mo […]
    Metabolome, transcriptome, metagenome, and genome data expansion -jMorp 2023 major update-
    Research: 2023/09/04
    We updated a database, the Japanese Multi Omics Reference Panel (jMorp), in August 2023. In this update we hav […]
    Lengthy Screen Time Associated with Childhood Development Delays [Press Release]
    Research: 2023/08/30
    A Japanese study found delays in a variety of key skills in children’s early years is associated with screen t […]
    The analysis of the whole genome sequence of 69,000 individuals has been completed, and 54KJPN is now available
    Research: 2023/07/28
    ToMMo has completed a total of 69,000 individuals the whole genome sequence analysis of the general Japanese p […]
    New article reporting the design and results of the Brain-MRI Study was published in Journal of the Japan Medical Association
    Research: 2023/07/19
    New article about the Brain-MRI Study has been published in the Journal of the Japan Medical Association. The […]
    Utilizing findings from space mouse missions for human aging research – an open access database ‘Integrated Biobank for Space Life Science (ibSLS)’ is available-
    Research: 2023/01/11
    The Integrated Biobank for Space Life Science (ibSLS) is a database of multi-omics data, constructed by the Ja […]
    Toshiba, ToMMo, Tohoku University Hospital, and NICT Link Quantum Security and Personal Authentication, Successfully Deliver Secure Personalized Healthcare Use Case
    Research: 2022/12/08
    Genome data of numerous individuals stored and transmitted in theoretically secure method and utilized only wi […]