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  • The analysis of the whole genome sequence of 69,000 individuals has been completed, and 54KJPN is now available
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    The analysis of the whole genome sequence of 69,000 individuals has been completed, and 54KJPN is now available

    Research: 2023/07/28

    ToMMo has completed a total of 69,000 individuals the whole genome sequence analysis of the general Japanese population. These are from our cohort studies of more than 150,000 participants and are one of the world's largest-scale whole genome analyses of a general population. Based on the analysis data of 54,000 of these 69,000 individuals, the Japanese whole-genome reference panel 54KJPN is now released on June 26, 2023, on the jMorp (Japanese Multi Omics Reference Panel).

    Details on the data available
    Whole Genome Information of 69,000 people

    ToMMo has been analyzing DNA provided by the individuals who are participants in the cohort studies conducted as part of the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project. The data of approximately 20,000 individuals has undergone whole genome sequence analysis since its previous release (38KJPN) in June 2022. The analyzed data will then be provided sequentially to researchers nationwide. The quality information of each analyzed data is available on the web page of Sample Repository.

    Japanese Whole Genome Reference Panel 54KJPN

    The Japanese whole-genome reference panel 54KJPN was constructed by selecting 54,000 individuals, who are assumed to be unrelated to each other to avoid frequency bias, from the whole genome sequence of 69,000 individuals. The table below compares the number of genome variations in the past and in new versions. Comparing 54KJPN to 38KJPN, the previous version, as announced in June 2022, the number of individuals increased by 16,000 and the number of SNVs and INDELs discovered increased by approximately 10 million and 2.3 million, respectively.

      Number of SNVs Number of INDELs
    14KJPN 106,705,823  13,130,321 
    38KJPN 176,329,248  21,824,946 
    54KJPN 187,086,901  24,193,448 

    Additionally, the HLA panel 38KJN-HLA has expanded into the 54KJPN-HLA.

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