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    To conduct various detailed surveys, we have set up seven community support centers in Miyagi prefecture as health survey implementation bases for Community Based Cohort Study and Birth and Three-Generation Cohort Study (BirThree Cohort Study). Our purposes are to operate health surveys, allocate staff to each center, and facilitate smooth progress. We also return an emergency result for participants if we incidentally obtain abnormal findings.

    Child health survey support: We conduct health surveys among minors participating in the BirThree Cohort Study. We aim to form a foundation to provide personalized healthcare for addressing pediatric diseases on individual basis.
    Clinical neuroscience research: In collaboration with related clinical departments, we shall collect information and perform evaluations to assess the status of brain and mental health of participants., which are necessary to promote personalized healthcare, including developmental disorders and dementia.
    Community medical supports: We aim to build a coordinated system that allows close cooperation with local governments and medical institutions to provide medical support to residents in earthquake and tsunami affected areas.
    Assignment and management of dentists: In order to facilitate health surveys, we assign dentists to community support centers who engage in oral examination and specimen administration.

    Nobuo Fuse, Professor

    Center Director
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    Akira Uruno, Associate Professor

    Deputy Center Director 
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    Tomoko Kobayashi, Associate Professor

    Deputy Center Director (Child health survey support)
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    Hiroaki Tomita, Professor

    Deputy Center Director (Clinical neuroscience research)
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    Tadashi Ishii, Professor

    Deputy Center Director (Community medical supports)
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    Toru Tamahara, Senior Assistant Professor

    Deputy Center Director (Assignment and management of dentists)
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