Group of Planning

The Group of Planning is responsible for providing the overall coordination within ToMMo, and for planning, designing, and promoting the basic strategies of ToMMo as a whole, in order to ensure the smooth running of its projects to achieve the desired targets. (The projects are carried out as part of the reconstruction program of the Japanese government. They are namely: (1) the dispatch of healthcare workers to areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and implementation of health surveys, with a view to contributing to the elimination of health concerns of local residents; (2) the development of a biobank that will accumulate biological specimens and health information collected through health surveys, as well as treatment information, among other data; and (3) the implementation of analysis studies that shed light on the relationship between environmental, genetic, and other factors, and diseases, towards the realization of personalized disease prevention and medical care.)
The Group of Planning, working directly under the ToMMo Executive Director, supports the Executive Director in managing the initiatives of each department and group for ensuring their integrated implementation.

Masataka Kambe, Professor

Group Leader
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