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  • 2nd Karolinska-Tohoku Joint Symposium on Medical Sciences (Oct. 2-4)
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    2nd Karolinska-Tohoku Joint Symposium on Medical Sciences (Oct. 2-4)

    Events: 2017/09/04

    October 2nd–4th, 2017

    Theater, Building No. 6 and Seiryo Hall (Seiryo Auditorium)

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    October 2nd 16:30- (Theater of Building No. 6)
    Plenary session for kick-off of the "future medicine" project at Tohoku University
    -From Tohoku University (Susumu Satomi)
    -Greetings (Akira Ishibashi)
    -From Karolinska (Mark Divers)
    -Expectations to “Global Center for Future Medicine” as Tohoku University, Designated National University Corporation (Sadayoshi Ito)
    -Plenary Lecture: The KEAP1-NRF2 System for Cytoprotection (Masayuki Yamamoto)


    October 2nd 18:20-20:50 (Atrium at Building No. 6)
    Welcome reception


    October 3rd 8:45-12:25  (Seiryo Auditorium)
    Panel 1: Future of Biobank
    -Next Steps in Biobanking at Karolinska Institutet (Mark Divers)
    -Strategic Genome Cohorts and Their Future Direction (Shinichi Kuriyama)
    -Baseline Collection and the 2nd Stage Activity of TMM Biobank (Naoko Minegishi)
    -Development of Tohoku Medical Megabank Integrated Database ”dbTMM” and Knowledge-Base “kbTMM” (Soichi Ogishima)
    -Initiative on Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases: National and International Progress (Kosaki Kenjiro)

    Panel 2: Young scientist session 1
    -The Clinical Cytology Biobank of Stockholm: Enabling Comprehensive Biomarker Studies through Systematic Biobanking of the Cervical Screening Program (Karin Sundström)
    -Population Genomics and Structural Bioinformatics: an Analysis of Missense Variants Observed in a Japanese Cohort Based on Protein 3D Structures (Matsuyuki Shirota)
    -Biobank 1000 Genome-HLA Variants and Liver Cancer: Benefits from Taiwan Biobank (Mei-Hsuan Lee)
    -Role of Oxidative Stress in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Hisatoshi Sugiura)


    October 3rd 13:25-18:50 (Seiryo Auditorium)
    Panel 3: Biochemistry 1
    -ToMMo Omics Research Project (Seizo Koshiba)
    -Novel Means of Increasing Nitric Oxide Signaling in Cardiovascular Disease (Jon Lundberg)
    -Thioredoxin Systems and Use of Ebselen as a Therapeutic (Arne Holmgren)

    Panel 4: Young scientist session 2
    -Molecular Mechanisms of Redox Signaling through Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases (Markus Dagnell)
    -Functionalization of Allelic Variants in Clinically Actionable Pharmacogenes (Masahiro Hiratsuka)
    -Analytical Techniques to Study Redox Regulation in Different Biological Systems (Lucia Coppo)
    -O-GlcNAcylation Signal Confers Resistance to Proteasome Inhibitors on Cancer Cells by Increasing NRF1 Stability (Hiroki Sekine)
    -Blood Pressure-Lowering Effect of Orally Ingested Nitrite Is Abolished by a Proton Pump Inhibitor (Marcelo Montenegro)
    -The Expression of Methionine Adenosyltransferase MAT2A Is Regulated through mRNA Stability Mediated by Methyl-6-Adenosine in Its 3’ UTR (Hiroki Shima)
    -Stretching the Genetic Code for Improved Recombinant Selenoprotein Synthesis (Qing Cheng )

    Panel 5: Biochemistry 2
    -Human Radio Sensitivity: From Biochemistry to Genetics (Paul-Henri Romeo)
    -Exploting Biobanks for Discovery of Novel Tumor Stroma-Derived Biomarkers and Candidate Drug Targets (Arne Östman)


    October 4th 8:45- (Seiryo Auditorium)
    Panel 6: Biochemistry and Bioinformatics
    -Control of Cellular Phenotype by the Selenoprotein Thioredoxin Reductase 1 (Elias Arnér)
    -Discovery of a Novel Persulfide Synthase That Mediates Mitochondrial Sulfur Respiration (Takaaki AKaike)
    -A Challenge to Understand Functional Impacts of Rare Variants Using Protein Strucral Information (Kengo Kinoshita)
    -Regulation of Erythropoiesis in Response to Oxygen Availability (Norio Suzuki)

    Panel 7: Clinical Biobank and Precision medicine
    -The Establishment of the Tohoku University Hospital Personalized Medicine Center and the Future Direction (Chikashi Ishioka)
    -New Partnership: JGOG/ToMMo Biobank Project (Hideki Tokunaga)
    -ToMMo Biobank and Maternal Fetal Medicine (Junichi Sugawara)
    -Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Based Methods for Genomic Cohort Studies (Gen Tamiya)
    -Post-Translational Modification in Base Excision Repair (Chen-Yang Shen)

    Guest Speakers

    Karolinska Institute
    Mark Divers
    Elias Arnér
    Jon Lundberg
    Arne Holmgren
    Arne Östman

    Taiwan Biobank
    Chen-Yang Shen

    CEA: Commissariat a l'energie atomique et aux energies alternatives
    Paul-Henri Romeo

    Tohoku University
    Masayuki Yamamoto
    Takaaki Akaike
    Sadayoshi Ito
    Chikashi Ishioka

    Keio University
    Kenjiro Kosaki

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