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  • The release of decoyJRG v1

    News: 2016/07/15

    ToMMo has constructed the Japanese referenece genome v1 (JRGv1) with a long-read sequencing technology.
    On 15 July, 2016, ToMMo released the decoy* assembly to GRCh38, decoyJRG v1, a collection of sequences that are missing from the human reference genome sequence GRCh38 by the Genome Reference Consortium.
    You can download decoyJRGv1.fasta from https://jrg.megabank.tohoku.ac.jp/en/.

    JRG v1 will be released on summer!

    *The decoy sequences are virtual merged sequences that failed to align to GRCh38. They are useful to analysis sequence results.




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