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    The Group of Information Management for Genome-Cohort Study was established to manage the diverse range of information accumulated in the cohort project: consent form data, questionnaire data, genome omics analysis data, clinical data, specimen management data, integration analysis data. It is also for to develop a system for its management. In this project, two types of highly sensitive information-personal information and genome sequencing information-are collected. In light of the special nature of this project, the Group will pool together wisdom to establish a leading-edge information management platform which will allow for both rigorous security and use of the information for research purposes. To develop the capacities to this end, the Group will take steps to secure and protect information through secret distributed computing, support the automatic anonymization of clinical information, integrate diverse information based on a hierarchically-linked system, and accumulate knowhow towards the realization of disease prevention efforts and medical care tailored to each individual.

    Tomohiro Nakamura, Associate Professor

    Group Leader
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