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  • A press conference-establishment of ToMMo-

    News: 2012/04/04


    Establishment of Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization-Disaster restoration by launching an advanced medical system based on biobank construction-

    On February 1, 2012, Tohoku University launched the Tohoku Medical Megabank, an organization that constructs advanced medical systems for disaster restoration. Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization will create a biobank in which medical and genome information are integrated, while reconstructing community medical services and supporting healthcare in the disaster-affected areas. In addition, through creating new medical systems based on a huge amount of information collected in the biobank and various omics analyses, we hope to increase the centripetal force of Tohoku areas for medical staff, to promote industry-academic collaboration, to contribute to job creation in related fields, and to restore medical services in the affected areas.


    [Public Relations]
    Fuji Nagami,
    Associate Professor
    Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization
    Public Relations Office of Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
    Tel: +81-22-717-7908
    Fax: +81-22-717-7923
    E-mail: f-nagami*med.tohoku.ac.jp (Replace * with @)

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