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  • Seeking to Establish an Advanced Community Medical System

    The Great East Japan Earthquake had a catastrophic effect, especially on the Pacific Coast of the Tohoku region. In an effort to recover from the disaster and to foster creative reconstruction of the Tohoku region, we have proposed a project called the "Tohoku Medical Megabank."

    Our central goal is to set up an advanced medical system. As the number of medical practitioners in the Tohoku prefectures has been decreasing, even prior to 3.11, simple rebuilding of local institutions and medical service facilities is not an adequate response. We need a core project that can revitalize the Tohoku region. Tohoku Medical Megabank Project provides supports to local medical services, constructs a community coalition for medical information, sets up a biobank based on large-scale cohort studies, and provides educational training to produce highly specialized medical practitioners. We believe that the project will renew the Tohoku region, not only aiding in its recovery but also making it an attractive and thriving center of innovation in Japan.

    Tohoku Medical Megabank Project will be successful only when thousands of people in the Tohoku area and medical practitioners in other areas give their kind cooperation. Such cooperation is critical to our practice. We also would like to act as a medical center of the Tohoku area, sending out messages worldwide. Thank you for visiting our web site and please wish us luck.

    February 2012

    Masayuki Yamamoto
    Executive Director


    Message from Executive Director