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    We are constructing the whole-genome reference panel of Japanese from the participants in our prospective cohort project, i.e. 1KJPN and 2KJPN and Japanese Reference Genome (JRG). These Japanese genome infrastructures are shared to researchers in the world wide to accelerate the genome research for future preventive and personalized medicine.
    The integrative Japanese Genome Variation Database (iJGVD) informs the frequency information of more than 28 million single nucleotide in Japanese population. The JRG project distributes the long insertions with more than 3 million nucleotide sequences that were discovered in Japanese population.

    Our mission is to extend the size of whole-genome reference panel of Japanese to cover more low frequency variants in Japanese population and also improve the quality of this reference panel by introducing and developing novel algorithms and tools for genome data analyses, e.g. more accurate phasing and structural variants.
    In addition, we have the responsibility to investigate the relationship between genome and disease that are observed during the follow-up study in our project.

    On the basis of this view, members of this group majoring in bioinformatics, statistical mathematics, population genetics, and molecular evolutionary biology are actively conducting. We turn out bioinformatics experts who can discover solutions from the flood of life science information with the data-driven science point of view.


    Masao Nagasaki, Professor

    Group Leader
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