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    The primary task of the Group of Community Based Cohort Study is the establishment of community resident cohort for the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project. Its objectives are to:

    (1) During the cross-sectional study, inspect any increases in stress-induced infectious diseases, worsening of chronic diseases, and conditions, such as PTSR, as well as inspect the management of lifestyle-related diseases, and contribute to community supports;

    (2) Through short-term follow-up, check any increases in the incidence of high blood pressure, infectious diseases, depression, etc., and refer high-risk groups to community health activities; and

    (3) Through long-term follow-up, assess the relationship between genetic-environmental factors and disease outbreaks. (i) Identify new environmental-gene interactions which have never been discovered and (ii) integrate genetic risk scores and environmental risk scores, which are said to influence lifestyle-related diseases, and thereby, enable personalized predictions of disease risks.

    The Group is in charge of the preparations, implementation, and management of the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project Community-Based Cohort Study for the achievement of these objectives.

    Atsushi Hozawa, Professor

    Group Leader
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