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    The Group of the Birth and Three-Generation Cohort Study was established to facilitate the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project Birth and Three-Generation Cohort Study (the BirThree Cohort Study) and the ToMMo Child Health Study.
    The purpose of the BirThree Cohort Study is to implement a health study of eligible participants, and through the early detection of diseases among participants of all ages, contribute to local medical care. Furthermore, through analyses of gene-environmental interactions, the Group will shed light on the existence of phenotypes and factors contributing to disease incidence and severity.
    The ToMMo Child Health Study will examine the impacts of the Great East Japan Earthquake on the health of children, design measures to alleviate such impacts, offer appropriate psychological counseling to each and every child diagnosed with such impacts, and encourage them to seek medical attention. If deemed necessary for diagnosis purposes or necessary for the development of new treatment methods for refractory diseases, medical supports will be provided, including gene analysis as a separate program with the consent of the child’s parent or guardian.
    In implementing the BirThree Cohort Study and the ToMMo Child Health Study, the Group will create rules (manual and standard operating procedure) specific to each participating medical center and each Community Support Center to accommodate their individual circumstances, and carry out studies in accordance with the rules.

    Shinichi Kuriyama, Professor

    Group Leader
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    Taku Obara, Associate Professor

    Deputy Group Leader
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